Stage 25: Ponferrado to Cacabelos

6 Oct 2019

I set out from Ponferrado at my now-usual 8:30 in 52F for my 16 Km walk to Cacabelos. My route would be flat, with a forecast of sun and high clouds, which is what we got:

As we’ve seen before, some jurisdictions use their own Camino way markers along the path, and this one was pretty interesting:

As were the Fall flowers and Roman-era embankment walls I passed along the way:

My walk was mercifully flat, letting my knees rest after yesterday’s hard descents. Cacabelos is an old town and a bit larger than I anticipated. They had a Sunday market going and a lot of townspeople strolling about, arm-in-arm, during the day.

My hostel, La Gallega, was really basic and not much in comparison to the luxury of Albergue Guiana last night, but it was OK and half the price. I ran into two Australian ladies, Kerry and Christie, whom I’d met weeks ago and we had cocktails. That’s how it goes on the Camino: you meet people, don’t see them for a while, and then they reappear.

I couldn’t resist trying a Spanish-style Donner Kebab for dinner and, as it so often turns out, it was not what I expected, but it was good. It has a salad side, with some kind of Ranch dressing, and a meat side, with some kind of barbecue sauce. I was going to take a photo of this interesting culinary specimen, but suddenly it was all gone, and… I couldn’t.

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