Stage 26: Cacabelos to Trabadelo

7 Oct 2019

Trabadelo is literally a one-street village backing a truck stop at a bend in the road. I set out from Cacabelos at 8:30 in 52F for my 18 Km walk to Trabadelo and arrived at 1:15.

Hooray! Only 200 Kms to Santiago!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Camino authorities occasionally toss in a new “alternate” route and that was the case today. I, however, took the traditional route which ran mostly along the highway and I was not alone. The day was absolutely gorgeous.

Always buid your church/fortress in a commanding spot

My walk took me along highways and underneath some amazing elevated super-highways. The Spanish are really good at building these overhead roadways through the mountains.

When I arrived in Trabadelo, after I checked into the Nova Ruta hostel and did the usual pilgrim routine, I popped over to the only bar in town:

Where I was greeted warmly by the bouncer:

And then Kerry and Christie showed up and Cocktail Hour commenced.

My walk tomorrow may be very hard – the ladies reported that there are supposedly some killer ascents and that rain in is the forecast. “Waiter! Another round!”

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