Stage 24: El Acebo to Ponferrado

5 Oct 2019

The delightful morning the next day, which had me leaving El Acebo at 8:30 and 51F for a 17 Km walk to Ponferrado, was soon marred by the hellish descent into Molinaseca, a continuation of yesterday’s awful, steep, rock-strewn paths – my knees were feeling it, despite using my trekking poles assiduously.

I saved a few Kms early on by taking the older Camino route, and was glad to have the Wise Camino app to help me find the way. In Molinesca, I found this Camino-related statue:

Saint ACL, the patron saint of destroyed knees

At 1:15, I made it to the Albergue Guiana in Ponferrado, where I had booked a private room, and found it to be a gem. It’s modern, spacious, and very well thought-out.

My awesome room!

The place had all sorts of special facilities for bicycles, too. Including a dedicated back door and freight elevator to take bikes down to the basement, which featured:

The bike washing bay
Bike storage area
and bike workbench

The laundry facilities were similarly complete. What a great place! I slept like a baby,

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