2018 Trip Wrap Up

Falls Church, Virginia – My flight back to the U.S. on Virgin Atlantic went smoothly and I emerged from Dulles Airport into even hotter weather. A third day of temps in the high 90s with humidity making it fell like 103-105. Welcome to Virginia in the summer. I was very happy to discover when I opened my front door that my AC was working well.

As usual after my trips, there are a few days of unpacking, sorting through, laundry, and the other things required to get back to home life. And there’s the writing of this post, which is drawn from a collection of random notes I make during a trip.

– Sign seen in the Deacon’s Cafe in Edinburgh: “We Have No Wi-Fi, We Talk to Each Other”  Bravo!

– The Hilton Paddington was closed, refurbished, and re-opened more than a decade ago and the rooms are showing their age a bit. But it’s still a great hotel; it still has a retractable clothesline over the bathtub and an extension phone next to the toilet. Does anyone really use the room phone anymore?

– From a Smile to Stone: What happened to the cheerful and friendly barmaid’s face at The Maltings in York when I asked if they offered a discount to CAMRA members. It was almost comical.

– I like the system in pubs generally where you pay at the bar when you order drinks and/or food. You take the drinks with you and they deliver the food to your table. When you’re done, you get up and go – no waiting around for the check and perhaps waiting again for your change.

The 2018 Beer List

My promise to you: at least one pint, and sometimes several, of these were consumed:

– Boltmaker (Timothy Taylor – 4%)
– Yorkshire Terrier (York Brewery – 4.2%)



– Cream Ale (Roosters – 4.7%)
– Minster Ale (York Brewery – 4.2%, made with three American hops)
– Birdman (Roosters – 4.3%)
– Black Sheep Bitter (Masham – 3.9%)
– Yorkshire Sparkle Pale Ale (Treeboom – 4%)
– Boss Hog (Gibsons – 4.1%)
– Cragg Vale Bitter (Little Valley – 4.2%)
– Edinburgh Gold (Stewart – 4.8%)
– Pale Ale (Nicholsons – 4%)
– TBA Best Bitter (Sherfield Village – 3.9%)
– 6X Best Bitter (Wadworth – 4.1%)
– Jet Black Heart (Brew Dog – 4.7%)

– Extra Special Bitter (ESB) (Fullers – 5.5%)
– Abbot Ale (Greene King – 5%)
– Tribute (St. Austell – 4.2%)
– Doom Bar (Sharp’s – 4.2%)




As always, thanks for following along. Cheers!


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