The Last of England

My final day in London was to include attending a big Oktoberfest bash that was co-sponsored by two famous Munich breweries. However, the Friday event was cancelled just as I was about to leave for it (thank goodness for text msgs). Apparently the promoters were unprepared and overwhelmed at the event the night before and called it off today. I hope I can get a refund.

That’s the Shard skyscraper looming overhead
So, I turned instead to one of my favorite places, the Borough Market, a vast open-air market beneath the south end of London Bridge. This is a terrific collection of food stalls and other vendors, and I highly recommend it. 

Right at the market is a fine old pub called the Market Porter. No TVs and lots of American Country music on the sound system. Great cask ales available. This is said to be just one of two pubs in the UK allowed to open from 6-9am to serve the early-arriving market workers. They open again at 11am for the rest of us, and it’s a great people-watching venue.


The Millenium Bridge and St. Paul’s on the other side
After a few pints there and a great organic chicken wrap from a stall in the market, I strolled over to the Riverside Walk, which winds along Thames, passing The Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern museum. The weather was great and everyone was enjoying the sun.

I’m homeward-bound tomorrow and have a feeling this may be my last European trek, for a while at least. It’s been 15 years of this for me and I, and travel, have changed. I’m not really enjoying it in the same way any more. So I’m looking forward to getting back to my house and seeing Fall. Thanks for following along with me and, as always, Safe Home!

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