Marti’s Tower

Yes, we mostly know this tower by a different name but my Parisian friend Phil insists it’s his wife Marti’s tower and who am I to disagree?

Lines to get into the tower have lately become absurdly long, so this time I tried the “Skip the Line” ticket service and it was fantastic. We walked from our assembly point, past an hour-long line, right into an empty security lane, through the metal detector, and onto an elevator. Total wait 3 minutes. I highly recommend you use this service when you come to Paris!

The amazing engineering never fails to delight
My feet on one of the new, glass floor panels on the 1st level and the people far below
A view through the opening in the recently renovated 1st level

The views from here are always stunning and all of Paris is laid out below you. Truly one of the world’s wonders.

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