Beautiful Fall Weather

This is just a remarkably nice Sunday in Paris, with cool temps and bright sunshine. This is a day for being out in the city and everyone is making the most of it.  

Runners take off in the Paris-Versaille 10-mile race

In additi0n to enjoying the “day without cars”, people are flocking into the parks. 

Luxembourg Garden is my favorite! It’s relaxing and free, and the people-watching is superb.
I ate a picnic lunch with a bit of wine right near the gazeebo today.

Luxembourg Garden is truly one of the nicest, most relaxing places in Paris. The landscaping and plantings are beautiful. There are also great swards of perfectly-maintained grass – which no one is allowed on.

A busking treat: Olivier Franc on the tenor sax on the sidwalk with pianist. Great, soulful music that echoed in the buildings. Check him out in this video with Wynton Marsalis:

And that will wrap it up for my 2015 visit to the City of Light. Tomorrow: the Charles deGaulle airport scrum and on to Venice!

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