Favorite Museums and Lunch under the Dome

Yesterday I made my usual Orsay and Louvre museums run and, collections aside, they’re such different places. 

The Orsay, a converted rail station, is spacious , new, and calming…
…with wonderful architectural details and a fine Impressionist collection
Sadly, my favorite Degas pastels are no longer on display. These are the marvelous drawings of ballet dancers backstage and such. The helpful docent told me that, for conservation purposes, after 3 months on display, they must be sheltered from all light for 3 years! After  communing with the other works of Degas, Monet, and others, I set out for Printemps, one of the major department stores along the Blvd. Haussmann (no relation). Along the way I passed:


“Frog Hop House” – A particularly insulting name for an Irish bar in Paris. Good beer on tap, though.
On the 6th floor of Printemps, I settled in for lunch at the Brasserie, under its spectacular cast iron and stained glass dome. 


The dome, reflected in the mirrored top of my table
UVA Alums Note: I didn’t order it but the Wahoo! dessert caught my eye in the menu.
After a lovely lunch (won’t bore with you with delicious details) and talking myself out of what would have been an expensive visit to the Men’s Dept, I hoofed it back to the Louvre. Sigh… yes, it’s hot and crowded and a labyrinth but man oh man is the art amazing. As usual I visited my favorite David, Delacroix, and Gericault works in the French 19th Century Hall, and spent a bit of time looking at Islamic art (somehow not romantic enough for me). 

The Pantheon in all its glory

The #27 bus got me back to my hotel in time to take the photo above of the Pantheon – very nice at the end of the day when the sun hits it.

More stained glass in my future tomorrow, as I visit Sainte-Chapelle. Stay tuned!

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