Best Laid Plans

Well, today I had thought to go visit Saint-Chapelle, and then Pere Lachaise, the Parisian cemetery where Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and other famous folks are buried, followed by lunch a Le Fine Mousse. However, I got a late start, Saint-Chapelle had a two block-long entry line, and I also discovered that the Le Fine Mousse doesn’t open until 5pm.

So, a change of plans. For someone who is on vacation from his technical writing job, I seem to be spending a lot of time posting to my own blog, to Facebook, and to TripAdvisor. There’s no escaping it, I guess. I spent what was left of the morning on this beautiful Paris day people-watching near Notre Dame, futilely monitoring the Saint-Chapelle line, and handing out directions to tourists who somehow recognized me as an English-speaking, knowledgable, friendly sort. My disguise foiled once again! 

In the afternoon I strolled rue Mouffetard, window-shopping the many eateries. Then I found my way to the Wide Open Spaces Bar near the Pantheon. What a great place!


They had Augustiner Oktoberfest beer – yum!


And the owner is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.

I spent a pleasant few hours chatting with the Turkish-born, Architecture PhD candidate bartender and enjoying a few pints. It didn’t hurt that the Rugby World Cup was on the tube, either. Total bliss!

The Word Press app for iPad is proving to be unreliable. I have no idea how this text became formatted as Italic and no idea how to undo it. You’d think by now WP would have this nonsense figured out.

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