Day 41 – To Sarria

Triacastela to Sarria – 18 Kms, 26,307 steps

Today’s walk started with a steep climb out of the valley, resulting in some beautiful views of the area ahead.

Misty valleys below me

As we left town, the Camino divided: left to Samos and 25 Kms to Sarria, or right to San Xil and 18 Kms to Sarria. Despite the guidebook’s hyping of the “more scenic” Samos route, I turned right and it was plenty scenic for me.

Pleasant leaf-strewn lanes

The weather was cool and, if not for the extensive descents, the walk would have been perfect. However, as we descended that enchanting distant mist became the cool, damp fog that surrounded us. Rain gear wasn’t called for, but I kept my windbreaker on far longer than in recent days.

Fog cut the visibility

We passed through several small towns, which were pretty quiet for a Saturday morning. Not many cafes were open, despite the pilgrim traffic.

After four and a half hours of walking, with a 30-minute break, I arrived in Sarria.

Well-marked route through town

The Camino path winds through town, goes up a hill, and then goes up this 62-step beauty:

At the top is another steeply inclined street to climb to get to the albergues and hostals. What a way to end a day of walking, with a figurative kick in the teeth. Sheesh.

View from my hostal

I’m in the very nice Aqua Rooms Sarria hostal, and there’s no nautical or swimming pool theme, so the name’s a mystery.

As mentioned earlier, Sarria is 110 Kms from Santiago, the minimum distance required for a pilgrim to receive a Compostela, the sacred document of achievement. So it’s here that tour groups and others looking to do the minimum join the Camino. The Brierley guidebook even has a paragraph asking pilgrims who started much further away to look kindly on these short-distance walkers.

“Light” 11% wine

I mentioned earlier that some restaurants generously give you a full bottle of wine when you order the Menu del Dia. Not so fast! I’ve just noticed these are often bottles of something called “Light” wine, which clock in at only 11% alcohol content. Interesting.

Tomorrow’s walk is a long 22 Kms to Portomarin, with a 200-meter climb in the middle. The weather is forecast to continue to be nice. Cheers.

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