Day 30 – Leon Rest Day

I made maximum use of my day of rest by sleeping in and enjoying the hotel breakfast buffet. I spent an hour doing online administrivia and then took a cab to the local Decathlon store. This is a chain of big box sporting goods stores, similar to Dick’s in the U.S.

The Leon store was really big and really well-stocked but not with hiking gear. It had more space devoted to bicycles, rollerblades, and women’s clothing than I’ve seen at other Decathlons. Nonetheless, I was able to get most of the stuff I wanted, such as replacement socks.

The view down my hotel’s atrium

I did my laundry and then, in the afternoon, went to a restaurant, El Capricho, recommended by my friend Sergio for lunch. Boy, was that a great tenderloin steak! I may not need to eat any protein for days. Thanks, Sergio!

It went very well with a glass of Crianza

Yesterday, I decided to clean out my backpack and was horrified to find a plastic bag at the very bottom containing the moldy remains of a breakfast-to-go (baguette, orange, other stuff). I think I got it about three weeks ago, and it must have fallen down beneath my backpack liner, to be totally forgotten. Yuck. What a surprise to find it! Luckily, the food wrapping was intact so there was nothing gross in contact with my pack.

I mentioned the crowds of the fiesta of Los Pendones in my last post. I noticed a lot of temporary tents and bleachers being put up yesterday, so I asked around and it turns out this year’s parading of the flags is this coming Sunday. I am really glad I will not be here for the crowds!

After a day away from the pilgrim routine, I’m happy to be back on it this afternoon. I’ve showered and done laundry, had lunch, and after I’m done with this blog entry, I’ll be reviewing the weather and route for tomorrow’s 21 Km walk. It appears I’m staying at what might be another truck stop! If so, I hope it’s as nice as the last one.

Two Fridays after this coming Friday I will walk into Santiago. I wonder how it easy it will be this time to go back to Real Life once this is over. In 2019, it took me about a month to “recover” from the Camino.

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