Day 23 – In Fromista

In Fromista – 0 Kms, 0 steps

I slept well and woke up feeling much better. The recuperative ability of the human body is amazing. I slept in and the hostel provided a nice buffet breakfast.

I’m spending today doing a little reprovisioning at the pharmacy and supermarket, and catching up on blog posts. I spent an hour outside a cafe with Renato, who I just stumbled upon, who stayed in Itero de la Vega last night, left very early this morning (“I could see the Milky Way”), and was here by 10:00AM.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the pilgrim routine: I’m off to Carrion de los Condes at first light, a 19 Km walk, which will put me at the halfway point of the Meseta.

One thought on “Day 23 – In Fromista

  • We continue to follow your excellent posts, as do many of your long term friends , we are sure. It must feel good to get rejuvenated and know that the KM are passing as you planned , except for the “expired “ hostel owner. It is good , as always to be so attentive to your plans to alleviate too much discomfort when a time comes for putting your feet up ! Are those Keens on your feet ? It’s the shoe Alyce and I wear out every year with our much more moderate desert and park daily walks. We continue to send our best wishes , keep on “ steppin’”. John & Alyce

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