Yes, Here I Go Again

It’s 2022, the pandemic is sort-of under control, and I’m not getting any younger, folks. These are some of the reasons that I’m embarking in four days on another Camino de Santiago hike, 800+ kilometers across Northern Spain, from France to Santiago de Compostela.

After crossing the Pyrenees, “only” 790 Kms to go!

In 2019, after completing my first Camino, I wrote:

So, what was it all about? The inner stuff, the accomplishment and achievement, the challenge met, sure. I think it was also about the pilgrims I met, and met again later, along the path. There was something spiritual going on there for me. The unlikely connections and can’t-be-random interactions with people from all over the world kept me in tune with the special moment of what I was doing on the Camino. This walk also came at a transitional time in my life, my retirement, and that colored my views and conversations, too.

It was a special achievement for me and I’m going to do it again. This time, I’m taking longer to do it and, hopefully, can spend more time appreciating the experience. Here are some links you may find useful this year:

If you’ve not heard of the Camino de Santiago before, see my earlier primer: Camino History and Fun Facts

If you want to know what I’m taking with me, the basics are the same as in 2019: What To Pack

Beautiful days on trails around Canterbury, UK

To prepare, I spent three mild, summer months in Canterbury, UK, walking the many footpaths and trails in the area. I broke in my new boots and reacquainted myself with all my gear, in really idyllic circumstances. I also spent 60-90 minutes most mornings in a local gym, lifting weights and building endurance. Paraphrasing Tricky Dick (the late president Richard Nixon), “I’m rested, tanned, and ready”.

Subject to the rigors of the trail and the limitations of sometimes-spotty hostel Wi-Fi, I’ll attempt once again to document my journey here daily. I thank you in advance for joining me. Cheers.

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