Lockdown Lunch Catch-up

Inquiring Minds have let me know that I’ve been delinquent in my Lockdown Lunch series. My excuse is that I succumb to Post-Ingestive Narcolepsy and wind up taking a nap after stuffing myself on such good fare. But, I hear you, so I’m catching up here with some highlights:

One of my favorites, Chicken Piccata with lemon and capers, served with toast and a nice red Chardonnay. Ridiculously easy to make, heaven to consume.

Inspired by The Lebanese Taverna in Arlington, Virginia, we made Hummus Special with pita. This is fresh hummus topped with grilled hamburger/lamb, spices, pine nuts, and olive oil. We accompanied it with a bottle of Le Triporteur, a tasty red blend.

To celebrate the beginning of Spring, we created a salad of apples, bleu cheese, and Parma ham, served with fresh bread and a nice Chateau Cavalier Rosé.

Finally, we used a Greek recipe to make baked, stuffed zucchini, with a salad of lettuce, feta cheese, garbanzos, and pine nuts. A chilled glass of Le Triporteur rounded out the meal.

Since you asked, Le Triporteur is an inexpensive Southern Rhone red blend we enjoy, made up of Grenache (70%), Syrah, Caladoc, and Carignan (30%). This is a typical French “bistro” wine, everyday wine that goes with all types of Mediterranean cooking.

I hope your lunches are terrific, too.

Au revoir!

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