Easter 2020 in Paris

I’m pretty sure we’re all experiencing Easter a little differently this year. I found a gold-wrapped Lindt chocolate bunny waiting for me at breakfast this morning, so I’m happy. I hope your Easter is happy, too.

The French, not surprisingly, have some unique Easter traditions. This one caught my eye: for the French, it’s not the Easter Bunny who brings chocolate treats on Easter, it’s the bells.

Church bells, that is. If you’re in a French city during the three days leading up to Easter, the church bells that usually ring for the hours, half hours, and church services are strangely silent. This is because, according to French tradition, the church bells leave their belfries to fly to Rome on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. Yes, you read that right: they “fly to Rome” – what a sight that must be.

The bells apparently come back early Sunday, bringing chocolate eggs and other treats to children, before returning to their homes in soaring stone steeples, and ringing in the joy of Easter morning.

Now we know where the money in the collection plate really goes: to pay for round-trip tickets to Rome. Man, the Pope must have some special pull with the airlines, what with so many flights canceled these days.

It’s a charming story and I’m sure the European Chocolate Manufacturers Association insists it’s true, so who am I to question it? In the meantime, regardless of how it got here, I’ll enjoy my chocolate bunny.

By the way, some French bakeries are offering chocolate bunnies that are in step with current government health recommendations. Note that the bunnies also come with their own supply of pink toilet paper.

Joyeuses Pâques! (Happy Easter)

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