2020 Travels Kick-Off with Dublin

I’ve just wrapped up five weeks back in the U.S. visiting friends, celebrating the holidays, and taking care of annual health check-ups. The plunge back into driving a borrowed car and navigating suburban Northern Virginia was fun at first, but now I’m more than ready to pack my bags and take off tomorrow. First stop: The Republic of Ireland’s capital, Dublin. I have some Irish ancestry and have always enjoyed my visits to the Emerald Isle.

Let’s review: The Republic of Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Limerick) is the southern, larger country on the Irish island and is a member of the European Union. It’s not to be confused with Northern Ireland (Belfast, Derry), a separate country that’s part of the United Kingdom. And, no, we’re not going to discuss what happens to all that due to Brexit now.

I’ve been to Ireland twice before, once for a long weekend in Dublin and once, with my daughters when they were youngsters, for a week’s driving adventure along the western coast, that featured the Cliffs of Moher, traditional music in pubs in Doolin, the vast Wasteland, and the Galway Arts Festival. An adventure it was, too, what with driving on the left hand side of narrow, shoulder-less roads and dodging road-hogging tour buses and lorries.

I’ve booked a nice flat for the next six weeks in the center of town, north of the River Liffey, near Connelly Street but just outside the really touristy zone. I’ll be posting my usual observations about food, drink, and people, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my scribblings here.

And, naturally, I’ll be investigating the old adage that “Guinness always tastes better in Dublin”. Inquiring Minds want to know! Sláinte!

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