Smokers Galore

There are a lot of smokers in Barcelona. None inside public places like bars and restaurants, thank God, but plenty outside. The many cigarette vending machines display strict-looking signs about having to be over 18 to use them. In one bar I was in, the bartender actually had to flip a switch behind the bar to enable the cigarette machine across the room when someone wanted to use it. Roll-your-own seems popular, too. A pack costs €4.5 – 5 (around $5).

Nonetheless, smoking is still pretty ubiquitous, and the resulting butts are all over the place outside, too. Yuck.

Tabacs, basically tobacco product shops, are fairly common. And, there are what look like marijuana shops. But, is pot legal in Spain? Yes and No. This excellent article spells out the details and there are two pot shops on my block.

Seeds, anyone?

In fact, every time I get in the elevator in my building, the smell of dope is strong, and I often get a whiff on the street. Not that I know anything about that…

Barcelona also has its own Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum which, I understand, is quite a tourist draw (I haven’t visited it, yet).

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