Stage 36: Lavacolla to Santiago

17 Oct 2019

Well, this it folks, my final 10 Km Camino walk into Santiago. The albergue booted us out by 8:00am, a good 40 minutes before sunrise, so it was headlamp time as I set off.

I thought there were a bunch of pilgrims ready to go out the door with me, but I found myself alone on the path and didn’t see another pilgrim for 90 minutes. Which was great: I had the Camino all to myself for a while on my final day.

Showers were forecast and, after yesterday’s monsoon conditions, everyone was braced for more of the same. Somehow I was spared and, despite everything around me being freshly wet, I never got any precipitation. Camino magic!

Pilgrims sometimes weave stuff into fences

I motored along at a slow pace and was soon walking suburban and then city streets. Then this appeared:


And then I and a gaggle of pilgrims ahead of and behind me entered the city’s historic district, and the sun came out. In the distance we could just see the cathedral spires:

There were quite a few normal tourists in town, too, so things got fairly crowded. And, of course, there were stairs. But wait, these went down to the cathedral plaza! Yes, there is a God after all!

The final scallop shell at the Zero Km mark in the plaza

I took the obligatory selfie in front of the cathedral today – I was a bit overwhelmed at the time. But I made it!

I’ll be in Santiago for three more days and will post more here once I have a little time to process it all. So stay tuned. But right now I want to thank all of you who followed the blog and encouraged me with your presence and comments – it has meant so much to me!

7 thoughts on “Stage 36: Lavacolla to Santiago

  • Kudos, Lee, for such an achievement! Knowing how long you planned for this trip and this day, my congratulations to you on living your dream and never giving up. Well done and much deserved. The next round of beers is on me…

  • Lee –
    I spent this morning bingeing my way through your trip. What a great accomplishment. Everyone dreams of epic journeys; some even plan for them. Unlike so many others, you made it happen. Here’s hoping that this is merely the first in a series of rewarding journeys. Safe travels,
    – Ric

  • find this post a year later, but it is still very interesting and relevant. Camino is in my bucket list, and this helps me planning the walk.

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