Stage 34: Arzua to O Pedrouzo

15 Oct 2019

I set out from Arzua at 8:30am, rigged for rain, which was forecast to happen periodically. It was wet but not actually raining when I left, which was encouraging. You could almost, sort of, see the sunrise.

My 19 Km walk to O Pedrouzo would be my last long one. The rain held off until 10:30am and then we had a 30-minute downpour.

Some cafes are conveniently right beside the Camino

Cherri caught up with me on the path (it’s always something of a surprise to encounter someone you know in rain gear – often you can’t be sure who they are until you get full facial recognition). Her news was that her husband was flying in the next day and would join her for her last walk into Santiago. We had a nice talk about what the Camino means and the pilgrims you meet. I’m very glad I met her.

My walk took me through groves of Eucalyptus trees…
…and past exotic taverns (those are all beer bottles)

Arca/O Pedrouzo is a “pilgrim town”, i.e. one that pretty much exists for the Camino and I arrived in wet but good shape at 1:40 pm. My hostel was nice but the continuing rain put a damper on everything, really, so no sidewalk bar hang happened. Instead I went to a nearby Dia, the best Spanish supermarket, and came back with the makings of a picnic dinner to have in my room.

During a brief glimpse of the sun today, I took this photo:

Proof that the end is indeed near. Rain is forecast again for tomorrow, but I’ll only be walking 10Kms to Lavacolla. I’m excited now but unsure how I’ll feel when I reach Km Zero.

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