Stage 28: O Cebriero to Triacastela

9 Oct 2019

I awoke in my warm attic room to wet and chilly conditions: 43F with fog (but not raining). After packing up, I met Jackie for breakfast downstairs before we set off.

Sorry, I didn’t take a single photo today!

My wet foggy start turned into a nice cool and sunny Fall day, with the trail moseying through little farm towns, often on cow poop-covered farm paths. Jackie is a faster walker and soon left me behind, a future reunion left to the whim of the Camino.

I ran into the Aussie couple with the nanny and 5 yr-old in a jogging stroller again – awesome people. Mrs. said she worries her daughter won’t remember the trip. I assured her she would.

The descent into Triacastela was long and steep but mostly on paved roads, so nothing like horror of descending into Zubiri in my first week. I arrived at 1:40 after a 20 Km walk. My room at Hotel Duerming Casa was new and nice, naturally I ran into Kerry and Christie for cocktails, and I finally found the razor blades I’d been looking for.

Tomorrow is significant: I arrive in Sarria, gateway to Santiago.

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