Stage 20: Villadangos to Hospital de Orbigo

1 Oct 2019

I left Villadangos around 8:30 and it was 55 F and dry, partly cloudy. No desayuno (breakfast) was available at The Fly Cafe. The forecast says there’s a chance of a t-storm at 11am, so I’m rigged for rain today (meaning my poncho is readily at hand).

I was soon walking past acres of corn fields, on a nice, smooth, flat path. It turned into a beautiful day with no rain. I’ve started to see the huge stork nests that appear on top of many structures, like this church bell tower.

I made really good time today and my walk was just 15 Kms so I arrived fairly early, 11:30am, in Hospital de Orbigo, a town with medieval origins.

The Camino path usually goes right through the heart of these towns and so, then, do the pilgrims, with their Euros to spend. This town has a magnificently restored bridge leading into it, but no one likes walking on cobblestones with tired feet.

Although this pilgrim, with his horse and pack horse, probably didn’t care:

Yes, riding pilgrims are allowed but it must be difficult finding albergues that will stable your horses!

Here are two interesting things about my room that night, at the Hostal Don Suero de Quinones: yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is window screening in my room = no flies.

And this is the world’s smallest bathroom (seemed like it). The shower was only 4-feet wide:

I can’t believe it’s October already. I often lose track of what day of the week it is, but it’s interesting to find out we’re in a new month. Only 16 more days to Santiago…

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