Stage 9: Viana to Logroño

18 & 19 Sep 2019

Camino parallels highway in places

My 10Km walk into Logroño was uneventful, if painful, and it was interesting to see the city’s updated take on the Camino markers and traditional scallop shell.

My Canadian friend, Claude, started a few kilometers further out than I did, so I met the landlord, got into the apartment, and sat down to a traditional treat, Churros and Chocolate, to await his arrival:

The treat was tasty but the chocolate had about five times the caffeine found in a cup of coffee. I was thoroughly buzzed by the time Claude arrived.

I’m sparing you the photos of my blisters, but here’s what I did to deal with my feet during our layover and after:

– I went to the farmacia and stocked up on supplies for treating my burst and unburst blisters and put them to good use. God bless Compeed blister plasters!

– I took a cab to the local Decathlon sporting goods warehouse store and bought a day pack and some comfy gel insoles for my boots.

– I tied my boot laces differently to provide more ankle support.

– I adjusted my schedule for the next week to walk only 10-15kms.

– I started using a “backpack transport” service to send my full pack on ahead to my next albergue each day. I carried a very light day pack as I walked.

– I changed my sweaty socks for dry ones every twice a day while walking.

Walking less distance each day ate up time and pushed me into another decision: to skip the “Meseta” section of the Camino by taking a train from Burgos to Leon, putting me back on schedule.

“Skip a section”, you say!? Can you do that? Is it “allowed”?

Well, yes and yes. Many pilgrims skip the Meseta because they think a solid week of endless wheat fields is boring. And skipping it has no effect on whether you can receive your Compostela (completion certificate) in Santiago. I had not planned to, nor wanted to, skip it, but skip it I will now, for the sake of my feet.

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