A Brief Diversion

Some of you, dear readers, have wondered where I have been this year. I am well, thanks for asking, but due to some pressing expenses related to my house, I had to repurpose my 2017 travel funds.

So, the beers and joviality I’ve been experiencing lately have all been at my favorite locals. For example, that’s a pint of Hitzig Frau Oktoberfest at The Mad Fox in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, a brewery and pub I highly recommend if you’re in the neighborhood.

I do have some plans for multiple trips overseas in 2018, so your continued interest in this blog will not go unrewarded. Among them will be a testosterone-laced WWII tour and a first-time tryout of AirBnB and other such rental systems.

Cheers and, in the immortal words of Rick Steves, “keep on traveling”.

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