On Writing on the Road

Each time I prepare to travel, I review the state of the tools available to make these posts. The WordPress app steadily improves over the years, and portable keyboards have gotten better, too. This year I’m using a Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case with my iPad, a nice large bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a case for the tablet. It’s very lightweight and claims to have a battery that lasts for months (but I’m taking its charging cable with me, of course).

Yes, part of my job is to write about technology, so you might find it odd that I choose to write while on vacation. It’s all in the context, I guess. I am, however, reserving starting on The Great American Novel I know I have in me until those years when I’m not over a keyboard 8 hours a day for employment.

So, I’m off to Europe very soon. This year’s stops include Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, and London. All favorites that I’ve been to many times before and this year I’m going to try to visit sights that I’ve skipped or overlooked in the past. 

I’m glad you’ve decided to come along with me and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, travails, and peculiar perspectives with you. Ciao for now!

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