The Eiffel Tower

For my final day in Paris, I rushed around a bit, starting with a visit to that Parisian landmark, Le Tour Eiffel. It was a beautiful day and the tower stood out against a nice blue sky. After all these years, I finally discovered that the #82 bus, with a stop right across from my hotel, goes directly to the tower. Until now, I'd been taking a circuitous RER & Metro route.

Upon arrival I was surprised to see a number of non-Eiffel vertical trusses rising from the ground beneath the tower, up into the tower's first floor opening, supporting a platform up there. Turns out the first floor is being renovated and I was looking at a large, temporary, construction freight elevator. The base of this takes up a large, fenced-off area right in the middle of things on the ground and so the lines for tickets and the elevators go a new every which way (as opposed to usual every which way). I read that one consequence of this work is that there are longer delays to get up to the second floor because those elevators are affected.

Bidding Mr. Eiffel's masterpiece goodbye, I took the Metro and got myself over to the Louvre for lunch and a bit o' art gazing. Crowds were thin, no lines, and I had a nice leisurely experience in the galleries. Even the chow line in the Carousel du Louvre shopping mall was quick. I did stop in the Apple store and wasn't surprised to see that it is just like every other Apple store. They do have free WiFi, which is handy.

After enough communing with art and high tech, I hopped the #27 bus back to Luxembourg Gardens and spent an hour sitting there, people-watching and mentally dozing, until approaching rain chased me over to Le Cafe Soufflot. There I had a few glasses of some nice reds to go along with a cheese plate and called that dinner.

Packing up tonight in preparation for the EuroStar ride under the English Channel tomorrow. Paris is not to be missed and I've certainly enjoyed getting my annual dose for many years. Now on to England.

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