Oktoberfest 2012 in Pictures

Oktoberfest Main Entrance

Busy at 10:30 am

The tents do have canvas roofs

Famous roasted duck restaurant

The Augustiner tent - my first stop

Half occupied at 10:40 am

That first tasty Oktoberfest litre

Someone standing on their seat to chug a beer, with great crowd encouragement

Chugging seems to be catching...

Six, eight, ten at a time; there seems to be no limit

Augustiner beer is still brewed and delivered in 200-year old wooden barrels

And you though this nasty brand was long gone!

Cupid on a golden pot points the way to the WC

The beer is delivered in horse-drawn wagons

Oktoberfest also incudes an amusement park...

...complete with Ferris Wheel

Inside the Paulaner tent at 2 pm, getting more crowded

Very tasty Paulaner brew


The crowd gets jiggy with it!

Standing on benches is allowed, on tables is not


The band played traditional German songs and vintage US covers


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2 Responses to Oktoberfest 2012 in Pictures

  1. Karen Garver Lebahn says:

    Sid and I are loving your diary, but Sid says “We followed along BUT we didn’t get a taste!”

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