On The Road Again

Welcome back. It's been a while since I've posted here and I'm very glad you're reading my blog. I hope you'll stay with me as I jet off to some interesting places in Europe once again and I look forward to adding regularly to this chronicle of my travels.

As you can tell by looking at the dates of the posts here, I managed to skip reporting on my 2011 trip entirely. No specific reason; just didn't do it. I did go to Amsterdam for the first time and it was wet but a lot of fun. The Dutch are a friendly people, to be sure.

If you tag along with me, this year we'll start off by spending some time enjoying the last few days of Oktoberfest in its home town, Munich. Then we'll take a scenic train ride over the Alps and down into my favorite island destination, Venice. The City of Light, Paris, will be our third stop, with some interesting events in store there for us. Then it will be back under the English Channel by train to London to revisit some familiar places and new pubs.

My trip doesn't start for a few more days, but do check back here after that for my daily photos and musings.

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