Paris in the Fall

Paris in late October is delightful: the hordes of tourists are gone and the colors of Fall make the city lovely. Daytime temperatures are in the comfortable low 60’s and dip 10 degrees at night and the air is clean and crisp. There’s something instantly recognizable about being in Paris: the cafes, the style of the pedestrians (always very put-together, a profusion of scarves, and very exuberant), and the architecture. My beloved Luxembourg Gardens is strewn with bright leaves and dappled with shifting sunlight, the Parisians still in their green chairs studying, kissing, or just getting some sun.

I’ve made my first visit to Soufflot Cafe near the Pantheon and enjoyed their wine, as usual. The owner and bartender put up with my French and even gave me a free refill. Soufflot is where a now-retired waiter named Guy was so very kind to my daughters when we visited Paris nine years ago, earning the cafe a place in my heart.

I’m meeting a friend this afternoon to see the Miles Davis exhibition at the Museum of Music, then we’ll meet his wife (a college classmate of mine) for dinner. In the meantime, I’m off to nose around the Marais neighborhood and check out the Bastille Opera House.

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