All’s Well After Adventurous Start

My trip this time began with an unusual event, which was the cancellation due to "equipment trouble" of my Virgin Atlantic flight from Dulles to London-Heathrow. I guess it’s a good thing not to fly on a plane with equipment problems. Twenty-four hours later I took off on a United flight to Paris, then connected with an Air France flight to Heathrow. The United flight was quite good and Air France fine and, miraculously, my luggage arrived when I did. Having a day shaved off my itinerary was not too bad but compressed things a bit: I landed at Heathrow at 11 am Friday and by 2 pm was at the British Museum for the Moctezuma (we call him "Montezuma") exhibition, which was very good. By 7 pm I was at the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see "Wicked", which is a spectacular show. Even this old jaded theatre dude was impressed with the production! See it if you get a chance. 

Today, Saturday, after sleeping for almost 10 hours, I took the train to Reading and visited my old 2008 home. Not much has changed, it was very pleasant to be back. After walking about and seeing a few Reading acquaintances, I met up with two fellows from our UK office for lunch at O’Neill’s pub (ahh, the Guinness Red) and then we went out to the stadium to see our London-Irish rugby team beat the Leciester Tigers in a well-played match. After a cloudy, wet start, the day turned out quite nice, with temps in the mid 60’s. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself today. On the itinerary tomorrow… nothing! 

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