Obama Win Big News Here

The U.S. Presidential Election has been followed here with keen interest. Due to the time difference (ahead of the East Coast by 5 hours), I had to wait until I woke up this morning to see the results on the Internet, and I was delighted.
As I’ve mentioned before, the Brits covered the campaign in detail, far better than we cover their politics. All 9 major newspapers at the newsagent’s this morning had full-page, front page stories with color photos and banner headlines about Obama’s historic win. He is clearly favored by the Brits and Europeans, too.
Throughout the day, British acquaintances were congratulating me on having a new president, which I thought was pretty cool. The news reported that hundreds of American expats crowded the Chicago Rib Shack in London into the wee hours celebrating the election results. I celebrated in my own way with a pint at lunchtime in our new President’s honor.
Now, how many of you know who Gordon Brown is?

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