DVD Delivery Services

Back in the States, I was a big fan of NetFlix and watched a movie from them almost every Saturday night. I was disappointed to find that they have no branch in the UK, but when I arrived here someone told me about LoveFilm, which offers a similar service.
Note that it’s "LoveFilm" not "Love Films", so get that idea of an adult movie service right out of your mind. It is, instead, a NetFlix clone in almost every respect but the payment currency. Here are the two web sites:

So I was keen to sign up! However, it was not to be, at least not immediately. As I may have mentioned before, some UK websites will not take payment using credit cards that are not issued in the UK, and LoveFilm.com is one of them.
I talked with their customer support folks but it was no good. I can, however, use my debit card once my UK checking acocunt is ready, which should be in another week or so. Then Saturday night will be movie night once again and I can resume trying to make a dent in my mile-long list of movies to be seen.


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