What You Do and Don’t See

It occurred to me today, while walking back from the grocery store, that while I have seen people walking their dogs here, I have seen absolutely zero dog poop on the sidewalks. I’m not sure what accounts for this (maybe the British are more civilized) but it’s very nice. I’ve also seen very few bugs. Yeah, sure, the weather has something to with that and I have seen bug zappers in stores, but I have yet to see any critters without wings.
What I have seen a lot of is door stops. Door stops? Yes, those rubbery wedges intended to keep a door open are on sale everywhere. It seems that British fire regulations require most interior doors in homes and apartments built or upgraded since 1975 to be fitted with interior spring mechanisms that automatically close them. So the doors will swing shut on their own all the time. In addition, a door of this kind is required between major spaces and hallways (your living room and front hall, for example).  This turns your home into a dark warren of closed-off rooms and so, door stops have become essential household items.

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