This final entry is being written from home. I’ve had a few days to decompress and dispense with jet lag and, as always, it’s good to be home. This trip was filled with unscripted events, even including a 2.5 hour delay at Heathrow for my return flight. I spent it in the Virgin Atlantic First Class Lounge, so it was not a big burden, but it was just one more thing that didn’t go as planned. Over all, it was a good trip and nothing really bad happened (like lost luggage) so I shouldn’t complain.
I think my next trip will be focused on one location as it’s just too hectic travel-wise these days to try to pack too much in at once. I thank you for joining my here in my travels and hope that you can go to these places someday yourself, if you haven’t been already. The world isn’t so large after all and time is too short, my friends, too short. Au Revour!

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