2007: Europe in the Fall for a Change

Greetings Travel Fans,
I’m delighted to report that plans have been laid at last for my annual (2007) European trip. This year, for the first time, I’m going in the autumn. Many folks have told me that September-October is a great time there, with nice weather and fewer crowds. Over two weeks I’ll be visiting Venice, Paris, and London.
August 23, 2007 –
Just 25 days and 3 hours to go before departure (but who’s counting?) and all of my plans are essentially in place. Starting in late September I’ll have three days in Venice, four in Paris, and three in London. I’m planning on expanding my knowledge of these cities and will be visiting districts and neighborhoods I’ve not seen before. This opens up the possibilities of finding new restaurants, cafes, shops, architecture, and broadening my skills at getting around. Should, as usual, be a blast.
Are you going to be in Europe, too? Perhaps we can meet for a martini at Harry’s Bar in Venice or some vin rouge in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris? I enjoy talking with other travelers and sharing experiences and travel tips. Post a comment here if you’re interested.

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