Ready for Italy

Italy! Who can resist the call of a country that was the home of the mighty Roman Empire, overflows with great food and wine, and was the cradle of so much great art, literature, and music? Certainly not me, so tonight I’ll be flying out on Virgin Air (my favorite airline) to London then on to fabulous Venice.
My itinerary features Venice, Florence, and Rome, with stops in Paris and London on the way home. I hope to see a lot of great art, will be attending some operas, and seek to understand the Italian experience. As usual, I’ve depended on the reliable Rick Steves guidebooks and have made extensive use of the Internet to make arrangements. I’ll be traveling solo this time and will miss the company of my beautiful daughters, Sarah and Lindsay, who frequently travel with me (sorry girls, definitely next time).
So, if you are so inclined, you can be my vicarious traveling companion right here. I’ll be relying on Internet cafes and so my postings my not be quite as regular as they have been for domestic trips. In addition, it may be harder to post pictures so bear with me. I may just include links to pictures that others have taken so that you can at least see what I’ve seen.
Ciao for now, baby!

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