In Wilmington

I had an excellent and dry ride up to Wilmington, NC today, falling in with two riders from Virginia and two from New Hampshire (!) on the way. I spent the day with my friends Rob and Michele Zapple seeing their nice city. Rob is a builder of custom homes and Michele owns/operates/teaches at her gymnastics gym and I got to see their work today and was very impressed. Rob’s houses are really very well-built works of art; not in the sense that they’re huge or extravagant, just well-made with all the right touches.

In the evening, we went out to dinner with their two son Holden and Jack; their daughter Zoey could not join us (see photo). I remember long ago when Rob and Michele were in their 20s and it’s great to see them still together and with a house-full of nearly-grown, great-looking kids.

Tomorrow: Heading for home. 

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