Florida Fires Are Not On My Route

It has been a long time since I visited Disney World and it was sort of a shock. Crowd control planners there surely must what they’re doing but the strangest things I saw today as I toured Epcot and The Animal Kingdom were the hordes of pushcars (see photo). Disney rents these double strollers by the hundreds and hundreds and parents jam children (some way past stroller-age) into them, along with their fanny packs, purses, backpacks, and anything else they can’t be troubled with carrying. Combine these with privately-owned strollers and wheelchairs and those motorized 3-wheel scooters (“The Rascal”) used by the elderly (both private and Disney rentals) and the general mass of pedestrians and you get a sidewalk jam worthy of a Saigon street market. And I was there today during what was described as a “light” day! I cannot imagine what it must be like during the height of tourist season.


It was amusing to survey the footwear that passed by whenever I took a little break on a shaded bench: gym shoes were the overwhelming favorites, then came sandals and flip flops, then the odd hiking boot or two, and finally the very small but painful-to-watch category of Totally Inappropriate Shoes, aka high heels, Oh, those poor people, what were they thinking?


I’ve also included a photo of my friend’s Disney access pass (the white card that says NOT FOR SALE). It was interesting strolling around the parks and I appreciate my friend’s generosity in getting me free access but I think my Disney World days are pretty much over.


It was great seeing my old Country Western dancing buddy, Lynda Revetta, and we had quite a time hashing over our memories from the good old days and had a great dinner with her friend Dave and her roommate Jackie.


Photo viewing tip: you can see the photo’s in a larger size if you click the little arrow beside the word  “Slideshow” and select “Full View” from the drop down menu.


Tomorrow: Riding down to the southern tip of the mainland, Homestead/Florida City. The brush fires blocking some highways in Florida are not on my route,


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