In The Heart of Dixie

Glorious, clear blue skies met me this morning as I pointed the Harley down I-85 out of Spartanburg and the forecast for a high of 74 was a treat after yesterday’s chilly exodus from southern Virginia. Compared to the highways around Washington, the road seemed almost deserted as I passed Greenville and other cities. I’m certainly no fan of the rain grooves that South Carolina cuts into so many miles of its interstate (not just bridges); even when the road is dry the tread in a motorcycle tire “hunts” back and forth across the grooves making the ride bumpy. When it rains, ironically, these grooves, which are designed to improve traction, make things much more dangerous for motorcycles.


Rain was the farthest thing from my mind today, though. I snapped a picture of the sky over the Georgia Welcome Center (see photos) to show you just how cloudless and blue it was. My ride today was relatively short and before long I was in Norcross, a northeastern suburb of Atlanta.


The UVA theatre reunion continues: after unloading at my hotel and freshening up, I called my college classmate and former lighting buddy David O. Traylor and we met for dinner. David is a free-lance TV and video lighting director in Atlanta and you may have seen some of his work. He’s been behind the camera for six years on the Food Network’s “Good Eats” show with chef Alton Brown and has even been in front of the camera a few dozen times in small roles.


We spent a lot of time reliving the glories of our college days and the days when we worked together at Sundance Lighting in L.A. (with lots of “rose-colored hindsight”). David is a good guy and it has been 16 years since we last met, so it was great to see him.


I just love the names of some of these Southern towns: I passed “Fair Play” today and David lives near “Between”. 


Tomorrow: more of the mysteries of Atlanta.

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