The Calm Before The Storm

There has always been something in the rhythm of the road that calls to me. I found out recently that several of my ancestors crossed the Old West in Conestoga wagons so perhaps it’s genetic. If you like the road, there is nothing quite like a long distance motorcycle ride to remind you that you’re alive. So tomorrow I’ll depart on a 3000+ mile trip that will take me to Key West, Florida and back over 18 days. This will be a trip of discovery and remembrance, as I visit some old friends and some new places. In my riding career I’ve made four round trips from the East Coast to L.A. and dozens of other long rides to places in between but none recently, so this will be interesting.

The Harley is ready to go and the bags are packed (but let me tell you that after you toss in a pair of size 13 shoes, there isn’t a lot of space left in a saddle bag). The weather is cooperating nicely if a little cool and I’m mentally ready. I’ll be posting comments and photos here as the journey unfolds, the unexpected is expected, and I hope you’ll come along vicariously.

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