2018 Testosterone Tour

Greetings, Travel Enthusiasts! It’s 2018 and time to travel on holiday. As you may know I have several rules about scheduling travel, among them: do not travel when it’s high season and expensive, do not travel when it’s crowded, and do not travel when it’s hot.

No, that’s not me and that’s not my baggage overload!

So, of course, this year I’m breaking all of those rules and heading to England and Scotland in June and July. After all, consistency can be so boring (at least that’s what I saying now).

The driver behind my schedule this year is a desire to visit the Tank Museum in southern England and enjoy TankFest.

Yes, an entire weekend, an entire museum, and an entire event dedicated to military tanks. “See the world only remaining operating WWII Tiger Tank”! Sounds weird, should be fun. Probably more of a guy thing, hence the “testosterone” quip.

I was going to spend a week in France as part of this trip, visiting my old favorite Paris and the D-Day landing beaches, but the long-running French railway workers rolling strike bested me (I just hope I can get a refund). Yes, they do like to strike in lovely France (at last count farmers, students, and Air France staff were all striking, too) so it pays to use sites like StrikeInformer.com (I kid you not) to stay informed.

Not to thumb my nose at the Gallic troubles, but I’ll once again be using British railways to get around the U.K., with stops in London, York, Edinburgh, Reading, Poole, and London again on the itinerary. Oh yeah, the BritRail Pass is priceless.


Two things I look forward to are shown above: the rolling green fields of Britain and some terrific real ales. As always, I’ll do my best to keep you informed and entertained. Thanks for coming along and I hope you enjoy the ride.