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My Recent International Flight Experience

The current state of international flying became personal for me last week, as I flew back to the U.S. from Paris. My 90-day Schengen visa was about to expire and an extension was not an option. After 10-weeks sheltering with … Continue reading

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Paris Idyl Draws To A Close

“They say all good things must end”, according to an old proverb and, as interesting as Lockdown Hell in Paris has been, later this week I must take my leave. As mentioned in my previous post, my Schengen visa will … Continue reading

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Paris Slowly Returns to Normal

Life here has returned to something more like normal. We’re enjoying the ability to move about freely without documentation and we walked over to the Eiffel Tower yesterday. It’s closed, of course, and so is the giant grassy sward (the … Continue reading

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